When Determining Your Prices…

It is a tricky one, pricing your services. Possibly the biggest challenge a business owner faces. What do you do? Cut prices to win over competition? But what if each competitor entering the market is doing the same thing? Driving prices lower means losing money on each job. I had clients in the past tell Read more about When Determining Your Prices…[…]

5 Tips for Clients

Some tips that will help you forge a successful business relation with your VA: 1-Do your homework: check that your VA has an appropriate professional indemnity insurance in place. In the UK, it is recommended to be registered as a data controller with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) for data protection, a good practice for Read more about 5 Tips for Clients[…]

Give Away to Win Clients

As a Virtual Assistant, one of the main challenges to overcome, is to get new clients to trust you with their business. The suggestion here is to work for FREE…(shock horror!). Why work for free?? Many virtual assistant companies offer a free consultation where the client can ask questions and you can explain your process. You need Read more about Give Away to Win Clients[…]

Virtual Assistant SWOT Analysis

Recently published on IVAA – As Virtual Assistants, we provide support services to businesses/entrepreneurs and even when working solo, we are operating as a business ourselves: hence we face similar challenges. A SWOT analysis helps in understanding and assessing where we stand today and where we can be in the future: our own internal strengths and weaknesses, Read more about Virtual Assistant SWOT Analysis[…]

7 Tips for Better Virtual Collaboration

The whole concept of “globalization” is pushing work all over the world, with independent professionals working anywhere and everywhere. Faster and more reliable communication and collaborative tools are allowing people to work on teams that are no longer co-located. Whether you are a client contracting out to a virtual assistant or a virtual assistant sub-contracting to Read more about 7 Tips for Better Virtual Collaboration[…]

What Do You Do?

Talking about what you actually do as a virtual assistant is not so simple. “I’m a Virtual Assistant “:  is not a good answer and Independent /Remote /Assistant means nothing to prospective clients. To develop this very important message and deliver it, some home work needs to be done regularly – here are a some Read more about What Do You Do?[…]

How to find the right Virtual Assistant for your business?

So you’re convinced. Your business is growing, you’re spending more and more time on tasks that are hindering you, and leaving the office later and later every day …It is time to start looking for a virtual assistant… One of the most common questions asked when it comes to outsourcing to a VA is how Read more about How to find the right Virtual Assistant for your business?[…]