What Do You Do?

Talking about what you actually do as a virtual assistant is not so simple.

“I’m a Virtual Assistant “:  is not a good answer and Independent /Remote /Assistant means nothing to prospective clients.

To develop this very important message and deliver it, some home work needs to be done regularly – here are a some useful tips:

  1. Focus on what matters to your clients, example: time consuming /administrative tasks keeping them from revenue generating projects, or high workflow with low budget
  2. Prepare a reference list with all clients’ questions/needs: your services need to be the solution. It is the “what you do” – not the “who you are” that counts
  3. Keep an up to date document on “the benefits your clients get from working with you”
  4. Research prospective clients: know who your clients are
  5. Establish an early level of understanding that your clients have about your service. Be honest and clear on availability and rates.

In the UK business owners have been slow in appreciating the benefits of working with Virtual Assistants, mainly because of lack of awareness on how they will benefit. This has changed in recent years: the VA has a personal interest in helping clients succeed, simply because her success depends on that.