How to find the right Virtual Assistant for your business?

So you’re convinced. Your business is growing, you’re spending more and more time on tasks that are hindering you, and leaving the office later and later every day …It is time to start looking for a virtual assistant…

One of the most common questions asked when it comes to outsourcing to a VA is how do I choose one? Or how do I even go about finding one? Here are several tips that will help you find a capable, trustworthy virtual assistant.

The first place you should start on your search for a VA is by asking your network. The local chamber of commerce maybe able to help. Create a list of those who were referred to you and contact them all. Most VA’s offer a free consultation so set up a time to talk to each of them. This will help you get a feel for the person and learn more about their services.

Another place you can check is popular outsourcing sites like PPH.

You set up a profile and post jobs. Virtual assistants from all over the world will bid on your job, and you can choose the best fit based on their offer, experience and ratings.

LinkedIn is another great place to find virtual assistants. Simply do a search for virtual assistant, add any special qualifications such as Constant Contact or AWeber, and you’ll find lots of choices. Best of all, they’ll be organized according to how closely connected you are.

When you find the right VA, the value added will be substantial to growing your business.

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