Give Away to Win Clients

As a Virtual Assistant, one of the main challenges to overcome, is to get new clients to trust you with their business.

The suggestion here is to work for FREE…(shock horror!). Why work for free??

Many virtual assistant companies offer a free consultation where the client can ask questions and you can explain your process. You need to stand out from the crowd.

Here are two reasons why offering a free sample of your services works:

  1. It eliminates the risk factor: Business is risky from all sides of the fence. It’s risky for you and it’s risky for the person contracting out. They’ll be trusting you to work for them and get results. You help them not waste their time by proving yourself before they pay a penny.
  2. It builds the relationship: Working well together is all about having a good relationship. It’s really hard to do great work remotely without good communication. If you offer a little sample of your work you create an instant positive relationship, a great start.

There is a risk exposure: some may take advantage and never be willing to pay. Still it works in your favour, as you gain experience you will be able to tell straight away who are the time wasters and steer away quickly. That’s why it’s your responsibility to do your research and hand-pick the prospective clients you want to work with, be very selective, to eliminate any risk factor.

If you’re thinking of giving a sample of your work away for free, here are some tips:

  1. Offer a small sample of your work, one to three hours is good. I offer sometimes five hours.
  2. Offer the work no-strings attached, you will get the work if you’re needed.
  3. Do a great job.

Finally, this technique is to be used only with a hand-picked group of prospective clients within your niche. One good client who loves your work will get you great referrals going forward.