5 tips on how to succeed as a Virtual Assistant

There are no golden rules on surviving as a self employed VA, you’re constantly learning – here are 5 tips that maybe useful:

  1. Niche: be clear on your niche – what are your skills, where are your strengths, who are your target clients
  2. Research: your prospective clients – know who you are dealing with, what are their priorities, what are their objectives, how can you help
  3. Communicate: communication has to be consistently clear to deliver tasks and manage expectations.You have to “click” and believe in your clients to be able to support their journey
  4. Tools: constantly invest and train to stay up to date with the latest technology, for an easier and “smarter” support
  5. Be true to yourself: Flying solo is not simple, give yourself credit for every little success you achieve and switch off once a week, it is important to keep the focus right.

As a Virtual Assistant (VA): the key to success has to be to reliably deliver and add value.