5 steps to meeting clients’ expectations

Helpful Tips

Here are 5 tips on how you can bridge the communication barrier with your clients, for them to “see” the value added you are bringing as a VA:

  1. Listen: to your clients’ needs. If you are looking for a quick turnaround, there are ways to meet those targets quickly and make profit in the short term. However, to survive in a constantly evolving technology landscape, you need to learn to listen more, and read your clients specific needs.
  2. Deliver: be clear on urgency and deadlines. This will help you manage expectations.
  3. Offer Solutions: Working for various clients, a VA has the opportunity to learn and offer the expertise back as part of the support. Share solutions, and know how.
  4. Get your niche right: Make sure you are in the right niche where your skills and expertise give you the competitive edge.
  5. Focus on Quality: Quality always shines through.

Managing expectations remotely is very challenging: the communication is with no visual clues. Let go of any project that eats into your efforts with no productive outcome. For a VA to succeed, it is crucial to offer a service that is quantifiable.