7 Essential Qualities of a Successful Virtual Assistant

There are tasks for every entrepreneur or business owner that slow down business development and are better handled by a Virtual Assistant so the focus is more on growing. How can you find your ideal Virtual Assistant? Here are 7 essential qualities you need to look for: – Integrity: Your Continue reading 7 Essential Qualities of a Successful Virtual Assistant

6 Quick Tips On Managing Your Workload

Virtual Assistants manage a portfolio of clients – I get asked very often: how do I manage various clients simultaneously? Here are 6 quick tips on how to multitask and stay focused: Systems: the right systems in place save time and energy. Think about your business goals and objectives, and Continue reading 6 Quick Tips On Managing Your Workload

Is the Client Always Right?

The phrase “The customer is always right” was originally coined in 1909 by Harry Gordon Selfridge, the founder of Selfridge’s department store in London, and is typically used by businesses to convince customers that they will get a good service and exhorts service staff to give a high priority to Continue reading Is the Client Always Right?

5 Tips for Clients

Some tips that will help you forge a successful business relation with your VA: 1-Do your homework: check that your VA has an appropriate professional indemnity insurance in place. In the UK, it is recommended to be registered as a data controller with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) for data Continue reading 5 Tips for Clients

7 Tips for Better Virtual Collaboration

The whole concept of “globalization” is pushing work all over the world, with independent professionals working anywhere and everywhere. Faster and more reliable communication and collaborative tools are allowing people to work on teams that are no longer co-located. Whether you are a client contracting out to a virtual assistant or Continue reading 7 Tips for Better Virtual Collaboration

What Do You Do?

Talking about what you actually do as a virtual assistant is not so simple. “I’m a Virtual Assistant “:  is not a good answer and Independent /Remote /Assistant means nothing to prospective clients. To develop this very important message and deliver it, some home work needs to be done regularly Continue reading What Do You Do?